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Frustration installing EGuide 4.2/SAS 9.2

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Frustration installing EGuide 4.2/SAS 9.2

I'm not sure whether I'm blowing off steam or anyone can help with installation ideas.

We got SAS 9.2 Phase 2 with EGuide 4.2 in June. It works great, no complaints there. But I'm having trouble figuring out how to get it installed for 60 students (classes start in a month). They install it on a variety of equipment, mostly personal laptops. We assume the have home internet service as a minimum. Our campus IT group has supplied it as two DVD .ISO images or one 7.5 GB ZIP file; the DVD images are as it came from SAS.

To install from the .ZIP file, I have to download the file (that takes nearly 4 hours with my Time Warner "Business Class" home cable), unzip, and run Setup. The download takes nearly an hour over the office network. It requires about 20 GB of free space on the hard disk.

To install from the .ISO, I have to make the actual DVD, create the install depot, and do the install from there. I could make the DVD copies, but that is still fairly painful.

I'm afraid that a 4 hour download for a ZIP file will really be difficult for some students.

Any other ideas from the group?

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