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Format problem when developing custom task

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Format problem when developing custom task

Hi all:

     The following codes is to use ADODB to get data with formats through OLE. You know ADODB has been upgraded to ADO.NET, can anyone give me sample codes like this using ADO.NET.

I try and find that System.Data.DataTable can't support the function like Recordset does.

' obConnection is an open Connection object.

Dim obRecordset As New ADODB.Recordset

obRecordset.ActiveConnection = obConnection

obRecordset.Properties("SAS Formats") = "saledate=mmddyy8.,+price=dollar8.2."

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Format problem when developing custom task

Unless you are taking advantage of some of the features of ADO.NET, you can continue to use ADODB by adding a reference to adodb.dll to your project.  There is a copy of adodb.dll in the Enterprise Guide application directory; if you are creating custom tasks, you should reference that one to ensure there are no version conflicts.

That said, there is probably a way to get things working with ADO.NET...but I haven't investigated that.


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