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Font Scaling DPI Monitor

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Font Scaling DPI Monitor

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I have SAS EG installed on a laptop with a DPI monitor that I also dock to a couple regular monitors.  I mainly work docked but have to work on the laptop screen at times.  When I have to work on the laptop the font scaling is way off, the font is HUGE and it is an issue that seems to be known, but if I change the setting from 200% to 100% it makes the rest of my computer nearly unusable as all the other text is tiny.  If I could change the way EG scales the font that would be great but I can't find if that is an option or not.


Any advice?


Also, I am on EG 7.12 on Windows 10

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Re: Font Scaling DPI Monitor

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Are you referring to fonts in the editor while programming or on the menus? 


If Editor you can change the size in preferences, but that's still not going to scale well when you dock. 

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