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First Record of Each Group in Query Builder

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First Record of Each Group in Query Builder

I have a table called "test".  It contains all the employment applications received.  The dataset contains numerous rows for each application because each is reviewed by various people.  I wrote a code create a dataset containing data when each application was first reviewed.  Is there a way to do the same in query builder? Thanks!

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First Record of Each Group in Query Builder

Depends on how your source table look like (and how you solved in your program).

But if it can be solved in a single, fairly simple SQL, the chances are, yes, you might can.

If you have an application id, and a timestamp on each row which defines the time when the application was reviewed, you might do something like this:

  1. Define MIN as summary on your timestamp column
  2. Define the application id as Group By column. You'll have to un-check "Automatically Select groups" if you have other columns that you want to keep, other than the id.
  3. Define a Having condition that will filter out rows that has timestamp = min(timestamp):
  • Filter data - Filter Summarized Data - New Filter
  • Basic Filter
  • Select MIN_of_timestamp column from the data columns section
  • Define it as Equal to - Value - Columns - Timestamp

And run...


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