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Files to be used with %include

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Files to be used with %include

New to using EG (my version is 4.1), but I am trying to use a macro program saved as a .sas file. I am referencing the saved .sas file in a %include statement. I am confused as to where EG will look for the file. From my reading, I take it that with this statement EG looks for the external file to be on my actual hard drive or can I save this file to the EG project that I am working in and the program will find it?
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Re: Files to be used with %include

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The answer depends on the SAS server your EG is connecting to. It is possible for EG to use SAS on your desktop, but only if a complete SAS install has been done and not just EG. In this scenario a %include will look on your desktop hard drive.

More typically EG connects to remote SAS servers so it will be the hard drives of those servers where a %include will look. Check your EG connection to confirm where SAS is running.
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