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File copy script

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File copy script


My goal is to have a script that can

- Check the date a file has been created in a network folder 'X'

- If it is the latest file then copy it over to another network folder 'Y'. Latest file can be compared using system dates or checking file names in folders 'X' and 'Y'

What I have:

I have EG 4.2 installed on a server that I am connecting via a UNIX account. In terms of permissions I can import and export files from my computer.


- Does SAS EG support such a task?

I have looked online and there are non sas scripts and softwares that do that but was wondering if SAS can do that for me.

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Re: File copy script

Depends on your settings, if you're allowed to pass system commands through it's relatively easy.

This is a better job for a system commands but can be done via SAS.


1. Process to list all files and determine the latest file.  You can find scripts for that all across the forums and web.

2. You can copy using FCOPY or X Copy. 

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