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Exporting table properties

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Exporting table properties

Is there any way to export a datasets properties to excel?  What I mean by this is that in EG if you right click on a data set, select properties and then the columns tab, SAS displays the Name, Type, Length, Format, etc for that table.  I'm looking for a way to export this exact same data into excel in order to create a type of quick reference/data dictionary.  Is anyone aware if this is possible?


Thank you

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Re: Exporting table properties

There's a couple of different ways - one is to write a proc contents and export those results to excel.


proc contents data=have;run;
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Re: Exporting table properties

For adhoc applications, you can simply copy/paste the attributes from the Data summary into Excel.


For a programming approach, you can output the details in PROC DATASETS and export to Excel using either PROC EXPORT or ODS EXCEL:


proc datasets lib=sashelp nolist  ;
  contents data=class out=work.classattr;

/* requires SAS/ACCESS to PC Files */
proc export data=classattr  
   dbms=xlsx replace;

/* Base SAS in 9.4m2 or later */
ods excel file="c:\temp\attr_ods.xlsx" ;
  proc print data=classattr; run;
ods excel close;


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Re: Exporting table properties

Also, you can get this information from SASHELP.Vxxxx views, which holds inforamtion for all datasets/views available to the SAS session. VSTABLE and VCOLUMN if remember correctly could be of interest.

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Re: Exporting table properties

Thanks all for the information

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