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Export table in sas7bdat

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Export table in sas7bdat

I would like to export the table from SAS E.G in format sas7bdat but it shows me  error  Local SAS is required for this operation.


I have tried the below process but the issue not yet resolved. 


SAS Enterprise Guide might display the following error in a message box:

Local SAS is required for exporting as a SAS Data File

If this error occurs, do the following:

  1. Open SAS Enterprise Guide and expand the Servers icon.
  2. Verify that the Local server is displayed. If it is not displayed, select Tools ► SAS Enterprise Guide Explorer.
  3. In the explorer window, select File ► Manage Profiles.
  4. Click the Servers tab, and select the box Automatically add local SAS server (if installed) to server list.



My SAS version is 

SAS Version - 9.2

EGRC Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance - 4.3.1

Oracle 11g

Windows Server 2008 SP1 R2


Kindly help. 

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Re: Export table in sas7bdat

If you do not have a native SAS installation on your desktop, this operation is not possible.

Either use a simple file transfer tool (eg WinSCP) to copy the file from the server to the desktop, or the built-in download task from EG.

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