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Executing multiple tasks in parallel in SAS EG 4.3

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Executing multiple tasks in parallel in SAS EG 4.3

My requirement is to execute tasks or program in parallel using SAS EG 4.3 ; I know one way i.e by using or creating logical workspace servers but somehow I do not like it as it requires manually creating them in SMC and then changing the servers in tasks manually.

Is there any way where we can write small code which can execute tasks or/and program from the same SAS EG project by launching multiple SAS sessions?

I read on SAS web that there are some exciting feature in this regard in SAS EG 5.1 but for now I do not plan for upgrade. so any solution for 4.3.

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Re: Executing multiple tasks in parallel in SAS EG 4.3

If your Workspace Server has SAS/CONNECT licensed, the you may try wrapping your Tasks code and/or programs with MP Connect blocks. Template for Signing on Multiple Times to the Same Machine

The idea here, is you launch Single SAS session, but in turn, this session launches additional sessions on your behalf.

Note: This is fully custom and may not work automatically for adhock tasks and programs! You may need to tinker with EG options to add custom code before and after the Tasks and programs code.

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