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Executing a batch of Stored Processes

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Executing a batch of Stored Processes


I am using AIX and LSF Scheduler to schedule a batch of Stored Processes.

There is also a requirement where another batch reports should be triggered by some program.

I have to give them a script so that they can run this batch after other tasks are over. Hence it will not be scheduled. How can I do this?
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Re: Executing a batch of Stored Processes

I would start by drawing it out as a job sequence. As soon as batch processes move from the simple serial, and have dependencies, I get down a visual representation I can use in development and to provide both to scheduling and support colleagues.

Then I would open the manual for LSF and look at its requirements for job definitions and translate the drawing into each step. Then I would offer a colleague a cup of tea to sit beside me while I show them the drawing and explain how the batch is expected to work. If I don't pick up errors as I explain, and my colleague finishes their tea in silence, then I'd pass the instructions over to scheduling.

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