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Error while importing a file

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Error while importing a file

Hi ,


While trying to import a csv file, encountered following error:


An error occurred executing the workspace job "The Import Data Wizard (Intermediate submit)".

The server is disconnected.


Please help how to resolve this error.




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Re: Error while importing a file

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In short, it means your workspace server session has crashed. The trick is to find out why...

I guess there are different ways to troubleshoot, but my approach would be to run the code in batch on the server, thus removing things like SAS Enterprise Guide, Workspace Servers, etc. out of the equation. When the SAS session then crashes again, you should receive a lot more diagnostic information than what you do in Enterprise Guide. Based on this info you can then investigate further.

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Re: Error while importing a file

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Please post the code that was submitted by the import task.


How large is the csv file, and what does the layout look like?

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