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Error when loading external file

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Error when loading external file

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I have a .dat file hosted in a network drive, V.

EG is installed in my computer but connects to a server via VPN.


FILENAME QNS2 "V:\Data Library\ABC_X.dat";
INPUT @1 ID $3.
@4 VISIT $6.
@10 DX $2;


I have the error below. I am at my wits end.


May I know how to solve this?


ERROR: Physical file does not exist, V:\Data Library\ABC_X.dat.
NOTE: The SAS System stopped processing this step because of errors.
WARNING: The data set WORK.ABC_X may be incomplete. When this step was stopped there were 0 observations and 8 variables.
WARNING: Data set WORK,ABC_X was not replaced because this step was stopped.

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Re: Error when loading external file

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Very simple. For the SAS process, the file does not exist.

- a blank in the filename causes confusion

- the network share is not mounted on the host where SAS runs

- permissions on the share/directory/file prevent the account under which the SAS process runs from access

- and many others


Very important here is your SAS setup

- local, with SAS used in display manager mode

- local, with Enterprise Guide

- remote, with Enterprise Guide as frontend

- remote, with SAS Studio

- if remote, which operating system on the SAS server?

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Re: Error when loading external file

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Hi Kurt,


I am not too sure.


I need to connect to VPN in order to see my network drive and also allow my EG (Installed on my PC) to run on the server.


I suppose that is remote with EG as front end.




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Re: Error when loading external file

Then it's highly likely that EG can't see the path to the file. You can try a proc export to your local desktop and that error is easier to confirm this issue. 


You can use the GUI to import your data or move the file to the server. 

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Re: Error when loading external file

I think your SAS session is running on a different machine than what you are running Enterprise Guide on, and your SAS server can't see a "V:" drive.



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