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Error on dataset name after import

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Error on dataset name after import

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I am a new student to SAS Enterprise Guide. I  have imported an excel file to the program. However when I go to click on the query builder, I get an error message of 'unable to parse dataset name. Parameter name: dataSet.' I have no idea what this means but it seems to be making some of the functions in the query builder not work quite right. A friend who downloaded and then imported this same file does not get this message. I would appreciate any knowledge on how to fix this. 

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Re: Error on dataset name after import

What did you name the dataset? Post snapshots of your import. 


You can try running the following code, add a program and submit it. Then retry import and see if you have issues.


Options validvarname = V7;


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Re: Error on dataset name after import

Along the same lines as @Reeza's suggestion, as an alternative to setting validvarname=v7, you could just try ensuring the output data set name in the Import Wizard doesn't contain any non-standard characters (ex. no spaces, doesn't start with a number, etc.).  Guessing you may have a space in your Excel file name, which results in a space in the imported data set name, which is throwing off the Query Builder.


Another thing I would check is to make sure you have the latest hotfix for whatever version of EG you are running.  You can check and download latest hotfixes from here:



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