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Error on SAS connection

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Error on SAS connection

I am using SAS and have my proc sql; statement and my connection statement however when I run all the way to the disconnect and quit I get this error:

The DB2 engine cannot be found

A connection to the DB2 DBMS is currently not supported or not installed on your site.

I have tried to go through the documentation to see if I can figure out how to fix it but not having any success. I suspect that my desktop support folks did not load or connect something correctly when loading my SAS. Any advice?

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Error on SAS connection

Which way are you using to connect DB2?

ODBC or SAS/Access to DB2. But both of ways need you to installl DB2 customer software firstly.

From your log, it looks like you don't set up it.


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Error on SAS connection

If you search the SAS support site for your problem you will find many references to your problem including this:

So it could be SAS/ACCESS to DB2 is not licensed. Run PROC SETINIT to check if it is or not.

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Error on SAS connection

Here's another easy way to see what SAS products you have licensed/installed.

In the Server List window, expand the SAS server you want to check (for example, SASApp).  Right-click on the server icon and select Properties.

In the Properties window, select the Software tab.  Then click View SAS Server Products.  The SAS Server Products window appears, like so:


It's not an exhaustive list of all products, but it does cover the most common set.


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