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Error massage running custom task

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Error massage running custom task

I've been using EG running custom tasks in Add-In. Sometimes I was running a task, it stopped in the middle and an error dialog jumped in the left upper corner. I had no idea what it is so that I just uninstalled EG and installed it again. Then the problem disappeared and the task was running again. However the exactly same problem will happen a couple of days(or shorter) later, which means I have to reinstall EG again. The detailed of the massage is:

------------------------------ Technical Information Follows ------------------------------


QueryInterface for interface SAS.IFileInfo failed.


at SAS.FilerefClass.get_PhysicalName()
at SAS.EG.JobManagement.Results.WorkspaceDownloadHelper.DownloadResult(String serverName, IFileService fileService, Fileref iFileRef, StringCollection filesLeftToDownload, ArrayList results, Boolean autoGenerated)
at SAS.EG.JobManagement.Results.WorkspaceDownloadHelper.Download(String serverName, StringCollection knownFileReferenceNames, StringCollection serverFilePaths, IFileService fileService, ArrayList results, Boolean downloadUserDefinedResults)
at SAS.EG.JobManagement.WorkspaceJob.DownloadResults(WorkspaceSession session)
at SAS.EG.JobManagement.WorkspaceJob.OnExecuting(EventArgs e)
at SAS.EG.JobManagement.Job.Execute()
at SAS.EG.JobManagement.Job.HandleJobUnblocked(Object state, Boolean timedOut)System.InvalidCastException

QueryInterface for interface SAS.IFileInfo failed.

------------------------------ End of Technical Information ------------------------------

Anyone has any idea? Thanks a lot!!
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Re: Error massage running custom task

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This is the result of some overzealous anti-spyware. See:

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Re: Error massage running custom task

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Thanks so much! I used the alternative method and excluded the Comet Cursors in my Spybot. Then I ran Spypot again and everything in EG is working fine now. Thanks!

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