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Error Handling in EG 4.1

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Error Handling in EG 4.1


We've been running some proc model code within a Stored Process in EG3 and I'm trying to run the same process in EG 4.1. In the SP, it is expected that there will be some instances in which the model does not converge, in that case an ERROR message is written out to the log, some default values are used and the model is rerun. Even though there is an Error in the log, the final results are still produced using the default values.

Now, when running this same code in EG 4.1 we're not getting any results if the model does not converge. I can see from the log that the rest of the code has run (ie. proc model rerun with defaults) but there is no output returned to EG.

Is there a system option that I can set in EG 4.1 that will cause it to treat Errors the same as EG 3?

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Re: Error Handling in EG 4.1

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Could you please speak with someone in Tech Support to help you resolve this. Ask for EG Tech Support when you call or use the link below:
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