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Enterprise guide session timeout setup

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Enterprise guide session timeout setup

Hi All,

I have a problem with the EG session, once i opened the session, it keeps alive forever its not losing the connection with SAS server even its idle (no time out).I want to setup the time out option for the enterprise guide session like the session has to be dead after 1 hr idle time. Is this can be done in SAS or is it OS setup?

Thanks ahead. i am in desperate need and appreciate ur immediate response.
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Re: Enterprise guide session timeout setup


If you have an immediate need, you should work with SAS Tech Support.

If you are wanting to close open data connections (so that an ETL job can run, for example), take a look at the Tools->Options->Data Performance options, where you can specify to close the data grid after so many minutes of inactivity.

Other than that, there are no options for client-initiated timeouts in EG.

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Re: Enterprise guide session timeout setup

Thanks for the reply cris. Might be i didn't interpret clearly, what i want exactly is there should be some setup in server end to terminate the (repository)connection with SAS server(i guess we can do this by using Management console) if the EG session is idle for long time(Now my session is alive for days, if i don't close). As you said we cant do this from client end.
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Re: Enterprise guide session timeout setup

the below is the msg i got it from SAS tech support.

SAS Enterprise Guide as an application does not provide a time-out feature. The windows administrator would need to come up with his own approach (example: kill all tasks on the machines running seguide.exe). Warning: Forcefully shutting down processes (seguide.exe) could corrupt EG project files left open at the time of the shut down.
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Re: Enterprise guide session timeout setup


Well: Even at SAS Tech Support work only humans... I hope you didn't accept the answer and let them close the track!
As I understand it you're not talking about closing SAS EG clients on client machines but about closing inactive sessions on the Workspace Server.

The following paper gives a good overview of the architecture:

As much as I know there is no setting "close if idle for ... sec"

What would be a solution is a process on OS level (on the machine where the Workspace server runs) looking for inactive SAS processes and then kill them - you should also be able to decide whether it is a session spawned by the SAS object spawner (SAS EG, DI and other clients) or started by some other process (i.e. SAS batch).

Depending on how you use the server rebooting once a night (let's say at 4 in the morning) could be an other approach which is easy to implement.

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Re: Enterprise guide session timeout setup



This paper is not available anymore. I am looking for a way to detect inactive Workspace sessions on my compute server in SAS 9.4 (Red Hat Linux) and then kill then.


Usually, thes inactive sessions come from SAS EG frozen execution, where the users force terminate there application by clicking on the X in the application.


Someone still have documentation related to this?

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