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Enterprise Guide and Macros

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Enterprise Guide and Macros



I have a number of macros written and stored in SASAUTOS folder.

I have set up my reference to this in the and the marcos work when I run my programs through the batch process.

However the macros are not automatically available in Enterprise Guide. Is there another autoexe file that I need to add this reference to. I have set the option Automatically run "Autoexec" process flow when project opens but this does not make a difference.



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Re: Enterprise Guide and Macros

If you changed the autoexec under SASApp and you share the same Logical Server Domain between EG and BatchServer, it should work. In same cases, a restart of the object spawner is necessary.

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Re: Enterprise Guide and Macros

provided a pretty good tip.  If you want a view of what's happening in the server autoexec (at least, which files are getting processed), try this technique:

Uncovering the hidden parts of the SAS log - The SAS Dummy


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