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Enterprise Guide VB Net Automation

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Enterprise Guide VB Net Automation

I seem to have a basic problem, I wanted to automate EG Guide via VB Net 2008, but I keep getting error messages that Message="C:\Users\ABC\Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Projects\WindowsApplication2\WindowsApplication2\bin\Debug\SEGuide.exe" was not found

I have registered the assembly and also references the SASEGScripting via the Project Explorer. I checked the C# application pdf that was in and was able to make some headway..but I still am stuck in the area above.

Here is my simple code

Dim ProjectName As String = "C:\\Users\ABC\Documents\My SAS Files\Test_NET.egp"
Dim EGApp As New SAS.EG.Scripting.Application
Dim EGproj As New SAS.EG.Scripting.Project
EGproj = EGApp.Open(ProjectName, "") <<<<<<<--It fails here

Can someone please help me ?
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Re: Enterprise Guide VB Net Automation

Posted in reply to Penterasa
I 'm trying to do the same in VBS

Maybe you will find some way to find your solution with the script attached in my post ...

Best regards,
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