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Enterprise Guide Project Recovery Facilities

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Enterprise Guide Project Recovery Facilities

Software like Excel creates a 'BAK' version of the original, which makes it easier to recover an old version. On the other hand, Enterprise Guide writes backups to a completely different location. Would it not be a good idea to provide an option to create a backup copy as a separate file in the same directory as the original? I couldn't see an option in version 7.1, nor a documented enhancement in the more recent releases. When a project has been corrupted and can't be opened it would be a much easier way to roll back.

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Re: Enterprise Guide Project Recovery Facilities

I don't really use EG so not sure on the specifics, but backup should be an IT problem, not an individuals responsibility.  Excel does do that creating .bak, but its not really that useful.  Now a proper backup system would take snapshots of the system at given timepoints, and have offsite backups, that way if you system dies and your project is corrupted, then its likely any other writes at the time would be too - hence why local file is not particularly useful.  But you could of course roll back to the most recent back up snapshot and that should be fine, or go back further if not.

If you EG is on the network, then its likely your IT already provide backup facilities, likely nightly.  


That being said, if your busting up your project so regularly that you need immediate back up, then you might consider creating a backup before you start working.  This would seem odd to me though, I generally only mistakenly break something major once a year at most, and have to fall back to IT.

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Re: Enterprise Guide Project Recovery Facilities

EG Project Recovery is more around recovering autosaved projects if your PC has a problem of some description. It is not a substitute for application backups and version controlling. If you require either of these then you should ensure that your projects are written to storage where regular backups are done and consider using version control tools. 

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