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Enterprise Guide 5.1 and above won't work after local MSSQL 2014 Installation (CTP2)

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Enterprise Guide 5.1 and above won't work after local MSSQL 2014 Installation (CTP2)

Hello Folks,

I am running into a strange problem here.

On my local PC I have Enterprise Guide 4.3 and 5.1 running perfectly fine.

For testing purposes I recently installed MSSQL 2012 Express without any trouble. I now continued by installing MSSQL 2014 CTP2. It seems to be operating properly as far as our tests of the MSSQL-Server proceed.

However after the installation of MSSQL 2014 my Enterprise Guide 5.1 stopped working.

Right after the splash-screen at the start I get a windows error message stating that 'SAS Enterprise Guide 5.1 stopped working' and I get the kind but useless Windows option to search for a solution online, close the program or debug the program.

Problem Details leads me to a Problem-Code 'CLR20r3' which I could find nothing useful about online.

I continued by trying to do a fresh Enterprise Guide 6.1 installation. After all it will be the version to work with in the future, so why not give it a try. No success. This might be due to not rebooting after the installation.

I circumwent the problem by doing a full deinstallation of the eGuide 5.1 and 6.1 and even removing the folders that were left in place after deinstallation.

A fresh installation of eGuide 5.1 and a reboot let me work with the eGuide again.

Now I continued by installing some MSSQL 2014 Data Mining Tools (all Microsoft original software) and again my Enterprise Guide stopped working.

I will now continue by reinstalling the eGuide and keeping my fingers crossed. However this is no permanent solution for me.

My guess is that the Microsoft tools somehow mess with the .NET-Components or Configuration so that the eGuide no longer works.

I am using Windows 7 Professional by the way.

Enterprise Guide 4.3 seems not affected - probably because it is using older Microsoft Components and no .NET?!

Has anyone of you had similar issues or any experiences with .NET, MSSQL 2014, Enterprise Guide?

Any help or hints are greatly appreciated! :-)

Cheers, Michael

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Re: Enterprise Guide 5.1 and above won't work after local MSSQL 2014 Installation (CTP2)

EG 5.1 and 6.1 both use Microsoft .NET 4.0 runtime.  EG 4.3 uses .NET 3.5, which uses the Microsoft .NET 2.0 runtime.  It sounds like the CTP release of MSSQL is doing something to the .NET 4.0 runtime.

From the MS SQL CTP doc: "The Microsoft SQL Server 2014 CTP 2 release should NOT be installed and used in production environments..."

You can work with SAS Tech Support on collecting more diagnostics for this, but I suspect that if the problem continues, Tech Support can provide only limited options when you install this CTP software on your PC.


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Re: Enterprise Guide 5.1 and above won't work after local MSSQL 2014 Installation (CTP2)

Posted in reply to ChrisHemedinger

Wow, Chris from 'The SAS Dummy' Blog responding to my issue - I feel very delighted Smiley Happy

Well, this feels like the classical case where noone takes responsibility. Microsoft claims their products are all working, which in fact they do and SAS claims it just needs a certain runtime, which it obviously does not receive due to the use of a CTP software that is technically not production safe.

After deinstalling and reinstalling and removing and upgrading and deleting several programs, files and folders I now finally have managed to be up and running again on the SAS side.

There seems to be a problem, however, with the 'Integration Technologies' part of SAS when using different versions.

While SAS 9.2 uses a program folder named SAS, version 9.3 uses a program folder named SASHome and version 9.4 uses a program folder named SASHome2 by default. So far so good and well implemented.

However the 'Integration Technologies' (at least the 32-Bit part) from version 9.4 (and it seems 9.3 as well) for reasons not known to me uses the program folder from version 9.2.

It therefore wants to delete the folder

C:\Program Files\SAS\SharedFiles\x86\Integration Technologies

in some step during the installation and quits with an error because the folder is not empty. Well guess what, version 9.2 is still installed there, so the folder is not empty Smiley Wink

This had me fiddling around for quite some time and in the end I just deleted the content myself - done.

Feels like a little buggy to me. Hopefully this might be a hint to others running into similar problems.

Anyways, I'll try to get a spare PC and try my luck there or wait for MS to release a more stable version of their software. I'll keep my fingers crossed that there will be no upsets with SAS then.



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