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EXPORT in sas

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EXPORT in sas

Can u exoprt a data set without header in SAS EG?.If So,How?

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Re: EXPORT in sas

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Can you be more specific what do you mean when you say export dataset. 

Is it exporting flat file or is this any other file format?


Below is the code to import csv file without any header. You can do same thing through an EG task

proc import datafile="C:\temp\test.csv"
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Re: EXPORT in sas

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A dataset without headers is like a city without streetnames: How do you know where you are?


Export is intended for data interchange and will provide either a label or a variable name for each column of output.


IF you really must do this then you can use a Data step and a PUT statement to write values:


data _null_;

   set sashelp.class;

   file "C:\path\class.txt"; /* you may need to set LRECL to a value large enought to take all of your data in one row*/

   put @1 Name @11 Sex @11 Sex @21 Age @21 Age @31 Height @31 Height @42 weight;@42 weight;


would create a fixed column file with each column starting in the position indicated by @.

Other approaches would be to create CSV by putting commas between values, or tabs

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