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ERROR: Insufficient authorization to access /pbr/biconfig/940/Lev1/SASApp/sasgraph.png.

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ERROR: Insufficient authorization to access /pbr/biconfig/940/Lev1/SASApp/sasgraph.png.

I was doing problem 5.6 for regression. And SAS gives me this error. I could not figure out how to fixed it by myself.

thank you so much for helping.

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Re: ERROR: Insufficient authorization to access /pbr/biconfig/940/Lev1/SASApp/sasgraph.png.

You need to specify a path for the graphics files where you have write permission. You can't create sasgraph.png (which will be the file containing your GRAPH output) in the SAS configuration tree, where only the SAS install user has write permissions.

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Re: ERROR: Insufficient authorization to access /pbr/biconfig/940/Lev1/SASApp/sasgraph.png.


Generally, when you have the folders "biconfig" and "Lev1" and "SASApp" in a folder path when using SAS on a server with Enterprise Guide, that is hinting at 2 things: 1) your Enterprise Guide application is talking to SAS as part of a BI server installation and 2) you probably do not have write access to the default location where SAS/GRAPH is trying to write the image file.

  My recommendation would be that you work with Tech Support. Someone will need to look at the code that you submitted in EG (probably via a Task or Wizard) and either make a suggestion for how to write to a temporary directory or how to get your SAS Admin to give you a location where you can write files.


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