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EMail task and Prompt Manager

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EMail task and Prompt Manager

Is there a way to get the e-mail task to recognize and use prompts?

I often end up with reports that are date bound and the prompt manager works great within EGuide for that. I want to send the reports by e-mail as a step in the task, but I can't figure out how to get those dates into the e-mail subject line or the name of the WinZip file. The prompt manager part that works for the other tasks in the process flow doesn't work for e-mail. Any ideas?

Otherwise, Chris, this is a request for an enhancement to the next version.
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Re: EMail task and Prompt Manager

Doc, there isn't a way to do this right now. You could potentially do it with code, using the FILENAME EMAIL capability.

So we'll take it as a suggestion/request for a future enhancement to make this easier in EG.

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