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EGuide & data management -- teaching considerations

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EGuide & data management -- teaching considerations

I will be teaching a course in January 2010 entitled "SAS Programming for Data Management". The students coming into the course only know the EGuide UI to SAS from their Intro Stat course. They have not written any code directly. It is a brand new course, so I have a blank slate (which is a mixed blessing). The students are physicians (research fellows, mostly) who want to use the knowledge for their own research.

I would like to teach the course using just the tools in EGuide (4.2).

Does anyone have resource materials they find good to use in this context?

Please post or reply directly to me at and I will summarize. I will also post my syllabus as the course gets closer.

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Re: EGuide & data management -- teaching considerations


While this isn't your exact environment, you might find some good resources on the SAS support site for the SAS OnDemand environment:

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Re: EGuide & data management -- teaching considerations

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As the course I teach has evolved, I've placed an increasing emphasis on the importance of the process flow diagram as a means to document the exact sequence by which the data have been read and transformed as well as the choices made for statistical analysis. Being able to reproduce all of the steps for an analysis is extremely important.

A nice addition to EG would be a tool to output the process flow both as a nice report (diagram and code) and in some stable XML schema that could be transformed into discipline appropriate metadata formats (like DDI).

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