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EGuide and Expired SAS host

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EGuide and Expired SAS host

When the SAS license has expired, EGuide works for some things and simply fails for things that refer to the host. However, the user doesn't get a useful message.

Is there a reasonable way for a user to see FROM WITHIN EGUIDE to determine that a host has an expired license.

Many of our users are students and have never seen a SAS log so having them go through the log is not useful.

I'm currently using EGuide 4.2, but will switch to 4.3 for class in September.

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Re: EGuide and Expired SAS host


You should be able to just open a code node and use proc setinit. Make sure you run the code on the application server (not locally).
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Re: EGuide and Expired SAS host

PROC SETINIT involves code and logs. These are not programmers and most are not heavy computer users. If they can't get the answer through the point and click interface, they won't even know something exists.
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Re: EGuide and Expired SAS host


Good news! For 4.3, when a license hits the WARNING mode, you'll see an annoying little reminder when you connect to SAS from EG. So you should have plenty of advance notice.

After the setinit is expired though, you will still get nothing. That's because SAS won't even initialize far enough for a client like EG to know *why* it cannot connect.

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