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EGuide 4.3 relative paths

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EGuide 4.3 relative paths

In the "What's different", I found 'In previous versions of SAS Enterprise Guide, the project file stored external file references as absolute paths. In SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3, these external file references are stored as relative paths, which makes it easier for you to move the project file, data, and programs to a different folder or a different machine. In SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3, it is recommended that you use pathnames that are relative to the current location of the project file instead of using a full path."

However, in use, it is substantially more limited. It only applies to programs and importable files (like Excel), not to SAS datasets or Libraries. With libraries and the new autoexec process flow (thanks for that!), I can get back to the portability I had with batch processing.

Chris, another thing for the wish list. Message was edited by: Doc@Duke
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Re: EGuide 4.3 relative paths

I hear ya, Doc. Thanks!
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