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.EGP files getting stored with Older version after Migration

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.EGP files getting stored with Older version after Migration

Hi Team

We have recently migrated from SAS EG 4.1 to SAS Eg 7.1

On the new system, when we open a project and close, the file gets saved with older version Icon and it does not gets saved with the new version icon.

So, I assume that it is still using the old ones.

Could you please advice on how to save a project with latest version Icon.



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Re: .EGP files getting stored with Older version after Migration

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I suspect that you neglected to uninstall EG 4.1 before installing 7.1.  Windows may be confused about the file associations for display.

If you are opening EG 7.1 and then opening the project file, it will be a 7.1 file with the wrong icon.  If you double-click on a project file, windows may attempt to open it with the (still installed) EG 4.1.

You "may" be able to clean it up with the "SAS Deployment Manager 9.4".  If you unistall both 4.1 and 7.1 and re-install the 7.1 version, that should fix it.

If neither of them work, you still have the 'nuclear option' -- have IT re-image your PC and install EG 7.1 from scratch.  That is guaranteed to work.  For me, the negative side effect is that it takes about 3 days to get all my accumulated customizations installed (stuff like Word defaults etc.).

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