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EGOptions.xml and Project Recovery Path

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EGOptions.xml and Project Recovery Path


I've created an EGOptions.xml file to specify some options when EG is deployed to end user's machines.  However, their project recovery path is initialized to my path, which of course fails for them.  Since end users never read the error dialog (the third paragraph), I'm inundated with emails re: this issue.

Can I use a variable in this path, such as C:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\Application Data\SAS\EnterpriseGuide\5.1\ProjectRecovery?  Probably not, since it doesn't work within EG itself.

Alternatively, if I hack the XML file and remove this setting, will the deployment still work, leaving the Project Recovery path to the default value for that user?  Or will it be blank?



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Re: EGOptions.xml and Project Recovery Path

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Hi, Scott

Isn't this fun! I'm laughing with you, not at you, had similar experiences many times.

What I usually did in a situation like yours is just try out the different options with a friendly user, until you find something that works. It usually doesn't take very long, and I wouldn't be surprised if nobody knows the answer to a really specific hack like this.

Good luck!


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Re: EGOptions.xml and Project Recovery Path

Thanks Tom.  I'm hoping someone knowledgeable (either SAS staff or end user) will chime in.  I don't have time to hack the XML, then reinstall EG with each change until I get the desired results.

I would have thought this issue would have been found and fixed during the SAS QA testing?  Surely this would should up on the first test or so???

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Re: EGOptions.xml and Project Recovery Path

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I think that if you "hack the XML" (sorry) and remove the <projectRecoveryPath> entry altogether, the option will be set automatically when the user starts EG for the first time.


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