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In EG 4.1 an file is created the first time you start EG and you can add any code you want executed at startup on the server. How does 4.2 handle this process? It appears to be different than 4.1 and I seem to remember hearing a presentation at the conf that said it could be done. I have done a number of searches and can not find anything that tells me. thanks
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Re: functionality in EG 4.2

Response from Tec Support:

To replace the functionality, EG v4.2 has a new section under:
Tools-> Options-> SAS Programs; Under "Additional SAS code", select: "Submit SAS code when server is
connected". Select the "Edit..." button to open the editor and insert your specific SAS source to run.
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Re: functionality in EG 4.2

When this is done it modifies the file EGOptions.xml. If you want to change this file prior to opening EG or if you need to do this for multiple users, you can just add the code directly to the xml file in the section below:
/* Insert custom code after server connection here */

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Re: functionality in EG 4.2

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