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EG4...Permenant Horizontal Tab Group.

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EG4...Permenant Horizontal Tab Group.

Good Day to all,

I have recently moved from EG 3 to 4.

So at the moment I am just getting a feel of the newer version and am beginning with the look of EG4.

I start with the horizontal tab group.

My ideal setup is to see the Process Flow in the top half of the screen and the results of queries in the bottom half.

To do this a horizontal tab group is needed.

When I run a query the results generated take up the whole screen.

To get a new horizontal tab group I right click on the result tab and select "horizontal tab group".

The problem is every query I perform I have to do this right clicking and it is rather annoying.

Is there any place in the setup I can make a permenant horizontal tab group? Can this change be made at the EG level so that ANY projects I open have the split screen?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: EG4...Permenant Horizontal Tab Group.

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No, there is not a way to set this up -- sorry.

For whatever it's worth, the document/view management is undergoing a significant redesign for a future release. The goal is to make it easier to navigate/view the content you care about, and reduce the need for complicated screen layouts.

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Re: EG4...Permenant Horizontal Tab Group.

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Actually, you can do this. I went through the same problem you have and I found it quite annoying. Just play around with the different "thumb tacks" for the various windows, and you should be able to create a similar view in EG 4.1 as you had in version 3.
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Re: EG4...Permenant Horizontal Tab Group.

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You can set it up like EG 3.0. If you right click next to the "Project Designer" tab (not on it) you will get three options to choose from: Dockable, Hide, and Floating. If you select Dockable you can change the size of the Project Designer screen. If you move the Project Designer screen so it is in the upper half of E.G. horizontally from now on all of your data set results will appear in the grayed out area below the Project Designer screen.
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