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EG utilization of WS-pooling and/or STP-load-balancing

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EG utilization of WS-pooling and/or STP-load-balancing

Where can I find any facts, points of reference, or
any evidence whether EG is capable of utilizing
Pooling for WS servers and/or
Load Balancing for STP servers?

Any information is greatly appreciated.
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Re: EG utilization of WS-pooling and/or STP-load-balancing

It is the servers themselves that must be set to use Load-Balancing or Pooling -- when they are configured. All of the client applications (including EG) make requests of the servers and then, those requests are executed/performed using the SERVER configuration. So, if a SERVER has been configured for pooling or load-balancing -- then the request will be processed using the server setup.

I do not believe there is a way in any of the client applications to directly interact with or do more than select the application server context which should be used for a particular session.

You might contact your SAS Administrator for more information about how your particular servers were installed and configured. Otherwise, the documentation at this site may be helpful:

If you have particular configuration problems or issues, Tech Support is the best place to look for help, as each company's configuration of the Enterprise Intelligence Platform servers is very likely to be different. To contact Tech Support, refer to:

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