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EG project scheduling

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EG project scheduling

Any possibilities to schedule a EG project in SAS management console?

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Re: EG project scheduling

Generally, you would use EG to develop your program, and then set it up in a more production-oriented environment (on a server, batch or stored process ...), and schedule that instead.

If you do a search on this forum, you'll come across a number of discussions about why scheduling EG jobs in a production environment can be problematic.


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Re: EG project scheduling

Have you checked out the following?

However to answer your question you can only schedule an EG Project within EG as an EG environment is required to run the project.

In Management Console you can schedule SAS batch jobs, assuming this capability has been set up or configured.

You can turn your EG project into a SAS batch job by exporting the project into one or more SAS programs. Virtually any SAS program(s) can be scheduled as a batch job.

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Re: EG project scheduling

Save your project as a .sas program and let your enterprise scheduling system run that. Why re-envent the wheel?

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