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EG custom add-in: ISASTaskSubmit.SubmitCode function

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EG custom add-in: ISASTaskSubmit.SubmitCode function


I'm doing a EG custom add-in development and would like to know how to get the status of submitted SAS code when I use the SubmitCode function asynchronously in SAS.Shared.AddIns.ISASTaskSubmit library.

Function SubmitCode(ByVal Code As String, ByVal Server As String, ByVal Async As Boolean) As Integer
Member of: SAS.Shared.AddIns.ISASTaskSubmit

The return value of this function is the "cookie" identifier for the job that is submitted, but there's no explanation on how to check whether the code ran fine or an error had occured.

Any help is appreciated!
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Re: EG custom add-in: ISASTaskSubmit.SubmitCode function

In your class you must implement the ISASTaskSubmitSink interface, which has just one method to implement: SubmitComplete. That will provide you with the SAS log and an indication of success.

The VB.NET function signature looks like this:

Sub SubmitComplete( _
ByVal Cookie As Integer, _
ByVal Success As Boolean, _
ByVal Log As String _

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