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EG connection problem

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EG connection problem

Hello Members,

I have recently shifted to administration from programming and started having problems.

Our users are trying to connect to Linux server using Enterprise Guide. Though they were able to connect, the login was taking longer than usual. A check with management console revealed all the servers are up and running.

Now, I am not sure exactly where to start looking for the solution. I have found a few papers, but those are on solving EG connection issues when connection is broken.

I would be greatly benefited if you could guide me towards any documentation/papers or any other solution. Is there a way to find a solution using PUTTY and the concerned server?

Thank you in advance.

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Re: EG connection problem

What version of SAS and EG do you have? What is your "usual" connection time and your "slow" time? Does the slowness vary through the day or is it always slow?

I am assuming EG connects to SAS via your SAS metadata server so are all of your SAS servers - metadata and compute server - on the same physical Linux server?

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