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EG connection in VDI

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EG connection in VDI

I have 3 SAS EG sessions running last night. This morning my VDI session has nothing left. It seems my session was restarted. Can any of you advise? Will EG sessions will end if I exit from the VDI.


Thanks in advance for any inputs you offer me.

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Re: EG connection in VDI

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I'm assuming you are talking about Virtual Desktop Infrastructure - running EG on a virtual desktop (eg VMware). I suggest you talk to your VDI administrator about how the software behaves regarding what happened. This is not an EG or SAS issue.


Generally speaking if you logoff your virtual session all your open software is closed just like if you log off a physical PC. If you disconnect then your virtual session will remain open. It is quite possible that there is a timeout limit on the session that will force it to close after a certain period. If your session was restarted then this has the same effect as logging off and logging on to a new session. Your VDI software may be able to cache open applications and restart them automatically but it is still possible you would lose anything you didn't save. Again check with your VDI admin.

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Re: EG connection in VDI

Are dependent on jobs to run overnight?
You can't really rely on a client server connection. By adding a virtual desktop to the mix chances are the the set will even more vulnerable.
If possible by your authorization policies, you could save the SAS programs in a server directory. Then fro SMC deploy and schedule them for batch processing.
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