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EG and SG Procedure Integration

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EG and SG Procedure Integration

After SGF I realized that I should possibly recommend to users that they shift to EG as the primary SAS interface versus DMS. With the code completion and embedded help coming in version 4.3, it makes DMS really show its age.

At the same time the SAS/Graph developers are really improving SAS Graphics with SG Procedures and GTL. The ODS Graphics Designer provides some good capabilities, but %sgdesign does not run under EG 4.2.

I saw Chris's list in another thread ... ...
and it appears the SG graphics are barely used in EG.

Something I didn't ask at the conference, when will SG Graphics be integrated with EG? Are the EG developers waiting for more SG Procedure capability (pie charts, maps, area plots in 9.3?)?

And, will the designer be usable with EG 4.3, as I currently get the following error ...
15 %sgdesign;
NOTE: This is a preproduction version of SAS/GRAPH: ODS Graphics Designer.
ERROR: Insufficient authorization to access SYSTASK COMMAND.
ERROR: Java class generated an exception.
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Re: EG and SG Procedure Integration

SYSTASK is disabled by default in EGuide. See潠

for information about changing the default.
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Re: EG and SG Procedure Integration

Thanks Doc, Got a little further, but now I'm still getting the Java execption ...

15 %sgdesign
NOTE: This is a preproduction version of SAS/GRAPH: ODS Graphics Designer.
ERROR: Java class generated an exception.

Has anyone run ODS Graphics Designer under EG?
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Re: EG and SG Procedure Integration

You might actually want to post this question in the ODS GRAPHICS forum, because that's the forum that the ODS GRAPHICS developers monitor.

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Re: EG and SG Procedure Integration

Cynthia -thanks

I could have filled the execution error of SGDESIGN as a bug. But my real question is: "Why does it not appear the the EG development is not implementing the new ODS graphics?" Don't know if this is politically sensitive, but now that I think about it, I don't remember any ODS Graphics demos at SGF under EG.

The last couple of times that I returned from SGF/SUGI I've given EG a try, as it appears to be a more "modern" interface than DMS. But, I've always come to the conclusion that it's just not ready to replace DMS (which I've been using seemingly forever). My thought is to demo EG to our engineers and statisticans, many of which have moved to MATLAB in the past 8-10 years because of graphics. ODS Graphics are bringing SAS back! But, I don't want to push EG here before it's really a better SAS interface for us.
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Re: EG and SG Procedure Integration


%SGDESIGN starts an external Java interactive application that interfaces to interactive SAS, and so is never likely to be available for EG users, as they have no direct interface to the server where SAS is running. On the other hand it would be technically feasible to create an EG Custom Task which has similar functionality to %SGDESIGN using .NET.

Would that work for you?.............Phil
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Re: EG and SG Procedure Integration

Let me add a couple of points.

First, if you were at SAS Global Forum and didn't see any SG* procedures working in Enterprise Guide 4.3, then you didn't attend any of my demos! I love SGPLOT and SGSCATTER and I show them off every chance that I get...within EG.

In EG 4.2, you can find ODS statistical graphics baked into many of the analytical tasks. See this blog post:

In our 4.3 release, we add a task for a Scatter Plot Matrix using SGSCATTER.

And finally, we are working on a task that allows you to launch the ODS Graphics Designer (requires that you have SAS installed on your local Windows box) and also "replay" graphs that you designed using the SGDESIGN procedure (would run with EG using any SAS server). That task won't be in 4.3 initially, but we hope to make it available soon after.

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Re: EG and SG Procedure Integration


Thanks for the feedback. I only got close on your demos once ... they were always packed when I was around. At the opening tech session seeing our statisticians light-up at the "intelliSense" in EG, I realized that EG is the strategic way to go with many of our SAS users.

Usually I get all my questions answered at the conference. When I got back and was combining the wow in EG with the wow in ODS Graphics for my trip report, I was not seeing ODS Graphics in EG that I expected. Then when the ODS Designer didn't work, which I've seen in development for years, I figured I needed to inquire.

Great to hear that you are going in that direction.

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