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EG Scrolling Anomolies - one click scrolls down multiple times

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EG Scrolling Anomolies - one click scrolls down multiple times

Not sure if this is an issue with my PC (Windows 7 64bit, EG 5.1) or the Linux server (SASGrid) where 64-bit SAS is installed.....

I have only observed this when I am viewing a large dataset (too many rows or columns to view all at once) on the SASGrid server.

By "Page Down" or "Page Right", I'm referring to what happens when you click the empty space in the left<->right or top<->bottom scroll bars when in Table View mode in EG.

When I'm in a large table (on SASGrid server) in EG 5.1, if I page down (or page right) the EG viewer will page down/right multiple times.  So one down click could result scrolling down 3-5 times.  This can be irritating when I really just wanted to page down/right once and scan the data....I end up having to back track to review the skipped records/columns.

Maybe this is purely a limit of viewing large data (stored remotely) in EG 5.1 but wondering if this is an issue that has a resolution.

One workaround (but slow) is to move the selector in the left-right/up-down scroll bars one click, but that requires careful mouse manipulation (I'd rather just click in empty space :-) )

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