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EG Reporting Format

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EG Reporting Format

I'm beginning to toy with the gkpi proc in EG via the DLL that's available on the SAS website. Have successfully created KPI dials and am now in the process of creating reports that use these dials and other graphs. The modify report functionality seems to be a bit stiff. Meaning, the grid into which reports are placed doesn't seem to resize very smartly when run and doesn't have much flexibility in terms of layout. If dials are small, a significant amount of real estate seems to be used anyway.

Has anyone else found this to be true as well, or am I not leveraging the tool's full capabilities? Any best practices out there for creating visually appealing dashboards through EG?


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EG Reporting Format

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If your goal is to create HTML-formatted dashboards and you don't mind using code, you might look at tagsets.htmlpanel or ODS LAYOUT.  Both are documented in the "BASE SAS" focus area:


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EG Reporting Format

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Not exactly what you asked but --

  • Hubert Lee has an awesome site Dashboard Spy that you can peruse for ideas or more dashboard ideas and info than you can shake a stick at!
  • Another way to get ideas is to go to Google homepage, click Images in the upper-left corner and then type SAS Dashboard Examples Click here to see my results
  • I've also been talking about the SAS BI Dashboard tool at the blog if you are interested: SAS BI Dashboard Articles

I love the dashboards! Hope this helps!  Also - would love to see your results.


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