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EG Projects and Code/Directory Organization

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EG Projects and Code/Directory Organization

This is in reply to a question originally posted to SAS-L.

1) By default, all SAS programs, logs, and output (HTML, PDF, RTF, etc.) is kept in the EG Project file. This file is a collection of all code, logs, output, and the project elements and structure.

2) By default, all new SAS programs in EG is embedded in the project for maximum portability. You can save the program externally by using File->Save Code As dialog. The deault directory to save code to is the same as the directory for the project.

3) If you open the SAS program from a file server, local file system, or the SAS server; then EG maintains a pointer with a link to that location and only the log and output are automatically embedded in the project. Changes made to the program external to EG (vi, notepad, etc.) are automatically retrieved in the next EG session using that program.

4) To save datasets to the right folder, use the Tools->Assign Library wizard for project based library assignment or permanent libraries can be made in the metadata (for use in many projects) with the SAS Management Console (or in the server or in the SAS Enterprise Guide Explorer.)

5) To export output or programs, you can use the "Export as a Step in the Project" functionality. Just right-click on the object in the process flow or the project tree and select this option. Everytime you rerun the project, these will update to the external location.

6) With EG, the idea is to make it an encapsulation of the project directories you describe in one file. I would say the simplest thing to do is use the project, libraries, and various process flows as a way to segment the work as described (e.g.- Process Flow 1 could be Survey 2005, PF 2 would be Survey 2006, etc.)

I hope this helps!


From SAS-L:

I hope someone can help me with this. I am having some issues with working between EG 4.1 and SAS 9.1.3 from an electronic file management (and project organization) point of view.

Let me explain. I do a customer survey every year. I create a folder hierarchy as such:
- Surveys
- Survey 2005
- Data (all my data goes here)
- Programs (all my .sas files are here)
- Reports (all generated output is saved here)
- Survey 2006
- Data
- Programs
- Reports

This works quite well with SAS Base. It keeps things organized and simple.

With Enterprise Guide, I don't know how it stores it's files, or if it even creates files or just stores it within it's .egp project file.

In an EG project I can import data from my Data folder. Ok, that's easy. I can save the .egp project to my Survey Year folder. But what about saving new/generated data? How do I tell it to save to the Data folder? When I create a new SAS program, how do I tell it to save to the Programs folder automatically? And Reports generation?

It seems I have to right-click on the SAS programs and Reports and save it to the folder I want it to. I don't want to do it this way, I feel it should/could be automated. Can EG be setup the way I need it? If so, it's not jumping out at me in the options.

Also, does anyone have any good guidelines, practices or tips in organizing their projects? Can I improve on the way I do it above?

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