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EG Email as a step...(Please help)

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EG Email as a step...(Please help)

Enterprise Guide 4.1 Version:
I have set the email setting in tools\options\administration\emailing settings\..

however, i got an error with "Error:
No server was defined."

I wonder is it refer to a blocked port?
i have checked with proc options group = email with the following result:
Identifies the SMTP e-mail authentication protocol
SMTP server host for email access method
EMAILID= From E-mail address, log in id, or profile for use with underlying e-mail system
EMAILPORT=25 Port number for SMTP server for email access method
EMAILPW= Used by the E-mail Access Method and Send menu item to set the email session login password for the underlying e-mail system
EMAILDLG=NATIVE Used by Send menu item to set the email dialog interface.
EMAILSYS=MAPI Used by E-mail Access Method and Send menu item to set the interface type with underlying e-mail system.

I know that the emailsys now pointing to MAPI, but i guess EG will probably direct the mail to SMTP if i enter some smtp setting in the option.

Please shed me some light for the actual set up required. Thanks in advance... Message was edited by: SASDump
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Re: EG Email as a step...(Please help)

I suggest that you read more carefully about sending e-mail in

If you are using MAPI, then your windows path needs some pointers and you need to be using something like Microsoft Outlook.

Usually for processing in a step, I use SMTP so everything can happen in the background. The emailhost name comes from your network support folk. There are some settings that you need to make in EGuide's Tools --> options windows.

Doc Muhlbaier
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Re: EG Email as a step...(Please help)

You can also check the Microsoft exchange server name in
Microsoft outlook tools-> emailAccount-> view or change existing email account->Change->Microsoft Exchange server

And set the server name in
Tool->Options->Administration->Outgoing Email server amd port

Hope this helps.
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Re: EG Email as a step...(Please help)

May someone can do some clarification on these?

Can I summary with the approach in EG 4.1 with remote 9.1 server for sending email as follow?

1. File->Send to..->Email Recipient, use default outlook/outlook express with (MAPI SAS default)
2. Send email as a step in project - use SMTP, port 25(cannot be changed), without SSL, user/pw and host defined in Tools->Option->e-mail setting ignore the setting in sasv9.cfg
3. by program (FILENAME xxx EMAIL), EMAILSYS can be VIM, MAPI, SMTP, depends on sasv9.cfg configuration.
4. some other program (FILENAME xxx socket) ??

If i use lotus notes, can i trigger the approach in 1 with lotus notes instead of outlook? how to change this ? through win.ini? I have tried to add:
Program=e:\notes\Notes.exe NoDialogs
but still cannot use lotus notes in approach 1.

Besides, can i say that approach 1 and 2 is done by EG, not by the remote server??
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Re: EG Email as a step...(Please help)

You got it just about right, I think.

But Lotus Notes is troublesome, because the MAPI layer that it implements isn't quite like that provided by Microsoft (Outlook or Outlook Express), so you might not have success sending e-mail interactively from within EG this way.

E-mail As a Step (using SMTP) should work much more reliably, after setting the options in Tools->Options->Administration.

Here's a blog post, but it pertains to 4.2 and later:

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