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EG Addin with VS2005

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EG Addin with VS2005

Hi, Chris,

I created a small EG Addin using VS2005 (I only have VS2002 and VS2005). Using MSBee, I successfully compiled the project inside or outside VS2005 to target .net 1.1 (thanks to your link posted here in the forum). However,
after adding the Addin from EG Add-in manager (no errors)and try to use it on the data, it gave an error saying reflection target invocation error.

I noticed that, unlike other tasks, there is no icon before my task, althought I did put an icon file in the same folder where my .net 1.1 assembly resides.

Please help. Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Richard D
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Re: EG Addin with VS2005

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I don't think the icon has anything to do with it. You can debug this yourself via Visual Studio -- attach the debugger to the SEGUide process and see where the exception is thrown.

You might need to contact tech support on this -- they would follow up probably by asking for your add-in file and possibly the VS project, and then we could better diagnose it.

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Re: EG Addin with VS2005

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Thank you very much. I will try it.

Best Regards,

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