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EG 7.12 How to close "Find" window immediately

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EG 7.12 How to close "Find" window immediately

I have EG7.12 HF3 ( (32-bit)


My system is a Thinkpad with Intel i7, 2.7 GHz with 16 GB ram.


When I look at a log, I search for "error" using 'Find' function. When I am analyzing code looking for usage of datasets or variables, I use 'Find' function. My problems is: the find window does not close immediately. It takes anywhere from 2 to 5 seconds to close and it gets pretty frustrating. It is not the kind of response I am looking for when I am editing or analyzing SAS code.




I have tried using Escape button, I have tried using the 'Close' button on the window, I have tried pressing 'X' button - but all of them give me the same response. Is there any solution to close the find window immediately?

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Re: EG 7.12 How to close "Find" window immediately

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I assume you're running EG locally?


I would contact Tech Support with this issue.

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