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EG 7.1 Graph error

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EG 7.1 Graph error

Hey All,

We just started our second server where are are running the new EG 7.1, and are getting an error when running PROC GPLOT. As it runs it pops up and says the file is not recognized and asks if we want to run it in Internet Explorer. I changed this to change output to PNG from Active X and it works fine. Do we need to update Java, or is there something else wrong?

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Re: EG 7.1 Graph error

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Hi @DamnRedhead,


A screenshot of the error (and any details it shows) might help.  If you get a chance, please attach.  The SAS log displayed in EG might also provide some clues.


I'm curious what the "file" is that the error message is referring to.  If related to ActiveX results, perhaps an issue with the ActiveX Graph control installation.



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