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EG 7.1 File or Directory Prompt

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EG 7.1 File or Directory Prompt

When our research analyst attempts to add a "File and Directory" prompt he receives the error "Unable to find any servers, so this prompt type will need to be disabled."  He is using the default local server and has SAS 9.4 installed.  I was able to replicate the issue on other PCs, so it doesn't seem to be unique to his installation.  Other prompts don't produce an error.  As you can probably tell, I'm new to the world of SAS software so please forgive me if I'm unclear or lack the proper terminology.

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Re: EG 7.1 File or Directory Prompt

I think that file/directory prompts are supported only in the client-server environment -- where you're using local EG to connect to a remote SAS server.

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