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EG 7.1 - CSV Export - NULL values appear as period (.)

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EG 7.1 - CSV Export - NULL values appear as period (.)



I got my EG upgraded from 4.1 to 7.1 and presently I'm facing a weird issue with the proc export. The issue is -


I have a dataset with all variables as Character type. (Even the numeric variables are in character format - Thats the requirement and I cannot change it back to number format). Some of the variable observations are NULL. Now when this dataset is exported into CSV format thru SAS EG 4.1 everything is good. The NULL values appear as NULL in CSV file but when exported with SAS EG 7.1 these NULL values are replaced with a period symbol ( . )


I tried using options missing = ''; but that only works on number variable. What do I write so that these Character variable appears NULL in CSV.


Experts, request your advice.




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Re: EG 7.1 - CSV Export - NULL values appear as period (.)

You mention PROC EXPORT, but are you really using PROC EXPORT code or are you simply using the Export task/menu from within SAS Enterprise Guide?

If using code, you have some options to control the output. If using the built-in menus (which don't generate PROC EXPORT), you might try a different technique -- such as Send To->Microsoft Excel from the data grid view.

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