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EG 5.1 and DS2

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EG 5.1 and DS2

Will EG 5.1 support DS2?

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EG 5.1 and DS2

Yes, if you mean "can I run SAS programs that contain DS2?"  The program editor is somewhat aware of DS2 syntax.

EG 4.3 supports running DS2 when running against SAS 9.3, but the program editor doesn't help you with the statements.

There isn't a task/UI for this yet.


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Re: EG 5.1 and DS2

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This DS2 initiative is very interesting. It has many improvements over Data step. However, we are still in balance when comparing to SAS/AF. What would be an interesting migration path from a SAS/AF application to BI server application? I mean a real user interface with SAS more intelligent and responsive than EG prompts?

In some ways, before adopting DS2, we need to know the intended development path.

Thanks a lot.

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