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EG 5.1 Time Format Dilemma

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EG 5.1 Time Format Dilemma


I have a dilemma with time that i have been trying to figure out.  I have 2 reports that use the HH:MMSmiley FrustratedS format within the project.  If i copy and paste the data out of SAS directly and into the spreadsheet, it comes out exactly right.

Because i do like 30 reports every morning... i have alot of automation setup.  I have SAS reports that drop to a file and then program excel to pull from the exports and insert into the column i need it put into.

An example:

Login Hours:  104:52:32 in SAS.... but when it drops to excel via an export process, it is 8:85:32.  I use Timew9. as the format in SAS and Time 37:30:55 in excel.

How can I make the export match what SAS is showing in the dataset?  Any guidance would be appreciated.


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Re: EG 5.1 Time Format Dilemma

This is really an Excel issue rather a SAS or EG issue.

If you look the formatting of an example where you have pasted the SAS time 104:52:32 into Excel (right click Format Cells... > Number) you notice that it is a Custom format :mm:ss.  Your programming in Excel will need to define the column with this format.

Hope this helps,


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