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EG 5.1 Speciying conditions on multiple datasets

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EG 5.1 Speciying conditions on multiple datasets


We are setting up Enterprise Guide to schedule our daily tasks. What we are trying to do is condition the running of certain programs when values in several datasets have been updated.

But if we try and specify conditions on values in a more than one SAS dataset, EG seems to ignore all but one of the files when it generates the condition code. So for example if we say

"run on the condition where last value of column i in dataset data1 equal to 100, AND last value of column i2 in dataset data2 equal to 100"

the code generated is this:

data _NULL_; rc=0;

set work.data2 nobs=numobs point=numobs;

if i=100 and i2=100 then


CALL SYMPUT(     '_ergc', PUT(rc,1));



Although it's included the two colunms, i and i2, it's only refered to data2, not data1 too. This is odd because it allows you add as many conditions involving different datasets as you like, it doesn't tell you that you can't, but the code it generate ignores all except one.

Has anyone else encountered this? Is it just that EG cannot do conditions on multiple datasets, but the dialogue box to add the conditions does not detect this?

Many thanks!


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