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EG 5.1 Map Legend Size

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EG 5.1 Map Legend Size

Hello Everyone,

I use EG 5.1 to create a map.  I would like to increase the font size of the legend of the map.  I right click the map chart and choose "Modify Map Chart" then go to "Appearance" and select "Legend".  I click "Show Legend" and change the font size from 12 to 16.  What happens is the legend title gets enlarged but the value displays in the legend does not get enlarged.  To be more clear, my legend looks like this: "%Changed  10% - 30% 31% - 60% 61% - 90%".    The word "%Changed" gets enlarged from size 12 to 16 and the "10% - 30% 31% - 60% 61% - 90%" does not get enlarged.  How do I change the size of the % ranges in the legend?

Thank you for any response you may have.


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Re: EG 5.1 Map Legend Size

If we can enlarge the box around the legend to make the entire legend look larger would be great too.  Thanks!

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